Tree Nursery Stefan Bartelen specializes in propagation and trade of multi-stem trees and shrubs.

With a young and motivated team, Tree Nursery Stefan Bartelen provides a new dynamic in the sector. Stefan and Marieke Bartelen specialize entirely in the large-scale cultivation of multi-stem trees and shrubs.

About our tree nursery

Tree Nursery Stefan Bartelen is located in Oud Gastel, the Netherlands. The company is the only one in the Netherlands that focuses exclusively on cultivating multi-stem trees and shrubs.

Tree Nursery Stefan Bartelen is well known for its large-scale production of high-quality products, for being customer-focused, and for having fair prices. The focused cultivation allows for optimal efficiency within the company.

"We have to do it together" is a statement Stefan is well-known for. The tree nursery team is very close and provides both national and international customers with high-quality products.

Every year, we receive new and existing customers at the Groot Groen Beurs in Zundert. You are also more than welcome to visit our nursery for a personal introduction throughout the year.

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Our trees and shrubs travel all over Europe from Oud-Gastel.


Tree Nursery Stefan Bartelen specializes in cultivating high-quality, multi-stem trees and shrubs. The sandy soil in Oud-Gastel is particularly suitable for this sort of cultivation.

The product range consists of over 120 varieties and is put together in consultation with the customer. Thanks to Stefan and his team's years of cultivation experience, the plants are grown uniformly and efficiently.

Tree Nursery Stefan Bartelen serves customers both big and small, abroad and at home.


Growing up with horticulture, in between the leeks and potatoes on the farm at home in Oud-Gastel, Stefan Bartelen decided at a young age to take a different path. He started growing trees at the age of twenty-three. While many nurseries maintained a wider range, Stefan soon chose to specialize in cultivating multi-stem trees and shrubs.

Fifteen years ago, multi-stemmed plants were still considered a minor product, but his choice turned out to be the right one. Thanks to the family's focus, customer focus, and years of horticultural experience, the nursery quickly expanded to an area of 35 hectares. His parents' former vegetable-growing company is now also part of the tree nursery. This increase in scale enables optimal efficiency in cultivation, and the family's cultivation knowledge is still being applied to this day.

A very close team of Dutch and Romanian employees works at the nursery. Together with this team, his wife Marieke, and his father, Stefan now produces thousands of trees and plants every year, which find their way all throughout Europe.

You are more than welcome to visit our tree nursery.

- Stefan & Marieke

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